Staying informed on the most recent developments in medical marijuana and medical cannabis policy nationwide is critical to being an informed marijuana business owner or investor. Trust the perspectives from Cannetic Group to provide insight into market conditions, regulatory hurdles, upcoming licensure opportunities and every other aspect of the cannabis industry that impacts you - the aspring marjuana entrepreneur.

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  1. Marijuana Business Operations Plan Critical To Pursuing MCRSA License in 2018
    16 Jan, 2017
    Marijuana Business Operations Plan Critical To Pursuing MCRSA License in 2018
    San Luis Obispo, Calif. -  California is changing each month with new developments taking effect, but MCRSA of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act will require licensees to often have a local marijuana license from a city or county. It’s relatively easy to provide the information on a marijuana business license application, but a solid marijuana business operations plan will make it much easier to turn your dream of starting a marijuana business into a reality. The Medical Cannabis
  2. Long Beach Cannabis Dispensary Licensing
    05 Jan, 2017
    Cannetic Group LLC to prepare City of Long Beach dispensary applications
    Cannetic Group LLC, an industry leading provider of medical cannabis business services and consulting, is currently preparing applications components for clients seeking medical marijuana dispensary licensing in the City of Long Beach, Calif.
  3. Start a Marijuana Business NOW!
    29 Dec, 2016
    5 Reasons to Open a Marijuana Business in California
    It's never been easier to start your own marijuana business in California and if the potential revenue and the numbers mean anything, the industry is already taking off at breakneck pace.
  4. Cannetic Group: Cannabis Business Experts
    23 Oct, 2016
    Cannetic Group LLC to offer Cannabis Business Management and Consulting Services
    As startup cannabis businesses make the connections needed to service the diverse needs of their clients, Cannetic Group LLC with remote offices located in Fresno, Calif. and Oregon City, Ore.
  5. How Do I Get A California Medical Marijuana Recommendation?
    15 Jan, 2017
    How Do I Get A California Medical Marijuana Recommendation?
    Fresno, Calif. - I always found it difficult to understand why anyone in California wouldn't try to pursue a medical recommendation from a licensed California physician for medical marijuana. Back in 1996, Proposition 215 allowed for doctors to recommend the use of medical marijuana with the recommendation of a physician. Doctors can't prescribe you marijuana but they can recommend it for you to use in the treatment of many ailments. California's allowable conditions for the use of medical
  6. California Marijuana Market Exceeds $23 Billion
    15 Jan, 2017
    California Marijuana Market Exceeds $23 Billion
    Fresno, Calif. - Marijuana in California is big business and has been for decades. Up and down the state, marijuana growers have been producing cannabis under medical marijuana laws since 1996 with the passage of Proposition 215, or the Compassionate Use Act. In 2015, the value of the marijuana market exceeded $23 billion dollars, overtaking all the next five top crops in the state combined.  "These numbers are artificially inflated based upon the seizures by state and federal authorities,"